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Living Will in Idaho Falls and Rexburg, ID

At Wright Law Offices, PLLC, we help you solve and avoid problems. Wills can help you preserve what you’ve spent your life creating. Our team can do any type of case from the smallest estate to the largest. We’ll give you realistic solutions for whatever you want. Located in Idaho Falls, ID, we serve Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and the surrounding area.

Decide the Type of Will You Want

A will is a legal document that outlines your wishes, usually about the distribution of your estate and the care of minor children. This document must be signed in the presence of witnesses to prove that it is truly your wishes and is legally binding. Wright Law Offices, PLLC, can assist with many different types of wills, most notably with living wills.

A living will states your wishes for your medical treatment in the event that you can no longer communicate what you’d like. This includes what sort of life-sustaining treatments you want in the event of a terminal illness or injury that leaves you in a coma or unconscious. Wright Law Offices, PLLC, suggests making a living will because it lets you make the decision rather than a loved one.

Determine How to Set Up Your Will

If you do not create a will then your assets will be distributed by the state, and your loved ones may need to make a difficult decision about your medical treatment. Wright Law Offices, PLLC, makes the process easy to understand and discusses your options with you throughout the whole process. You’ll just need to know what assets you legally have and an idea of how you’d like to distribute them.

The attorneys at Wright Law Offices, PLLC, have years of experience in estate planning. We know how to create legal wills that uphold your desires. Our team works anywhere from Idaho Falls to Rexburg, ID. Give us a call at (208) 523-4433 to start today.

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