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Prepare for the Future with Our Idaho Falls Attorneys & Long Term Care Planning

The statistics are intimidating.

  • Seventy percent (70%) of seniors will need long term care services. 
  • Seniors have a 40 percent (40%) chance of entering a nursing home.
  • The average monthly cost for nursing home care is $6000 a month.
  • About 10 percent (10%) of the people who enter a nursing home will stay there five years or more. 
  • Medicare does not pay for long term care.
  • Less than 20% of Idahoans age 50 or over have a strategy, such as insurance, to pay for long term care.

Given this, many seniors are left with "planning paralysis," unsure where to even start. They can only hope they aren't part of the 70 percent who will need to pay for long term care.

We can help! It is not too late to address the issue, but waiting may only cost you more.

You do have options. Contact us now to learn how you can be prepared and take back control.

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