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Additional Legal Services Provided by Our Experienced Attorneys in Idaho Falls

Construction Law
Construction creates many scenarios in which, without proper preparation, disputes and even litigation can result. Should those disputes arise, the law requires specific action be timely taken to preserve your rights. Wright Law Offices, PLLC can walk you through the mine field of construction disputes and help you act timely to protect your interests.

The foundation for commerce is the ability of two or more individual/entities to work together in a way which benefits both. Most often, this is accomplished through some type of contract between the parties. While a poorly drafted agreement (or a verbal agreement for that matter) often leads to misunderstandings and litigation, a well drafted contract provides stability to both parties by clearly defining the obligations of each. We are experienced in drafting business contracts and other contracts so our clients can focus on profits rather than problems.

Insurance and Surety Disputes
Wright Law Offices, PLLC is experienced in filing and pursuing claims for bad faith denial of insurance proceeds. We have also successfully represented surety companies in suits with multi-million dollar claims. We are prepared to assist in any complex insurance/surety law disputes with which you may be involved.

General Litigation
If you find yourself the defendant of a lawsuit, the attorneys at Wright Law Offices, PLLC can help. Steve Wright has over 25 years of litigation experience. Let us help you through the litigation process. Our experience allows us to provide you the aggressive, but professional, representation you deserve.

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