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Article 98-Estate Planning Series: Does Your Estate Plan Enhance or Undermine Family Harmony?

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You may have read recently about a couple, married over 50 years, who passed away the same night.  Although no one is certain, it appears that she fell, and in attempting to help her, he fell as well.  They were found next to each other. 

I had the privilege to work with this wonderful couple.  They were great people with a great sense of humor.  Somewhere in the shock of their passing is the silver lining that they did not have to be without each other.

Article 74-Estate Planning Series: Have You Had the “Talk” With Your Children?

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I know most people think of something else when I refer to the “talk.”  However, in my world, the “talk” means a discussion with the children about your estate plan and your expectations of them.

When I meet with parents finishing their estate plan, they often ask me if they should share the details of their plan with their children. 

Article 61-Estate Planning Series: A Simple Way to Protect Your Family

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A common thread of my columns is the need to “plan when can.”  This stems from what I consider to be the first rule of proper estate planning . . . ensure you maintain control of your estate.

In this case, “estate” means not just your possessions or “stuff.” It also means you.  Should you become incapacitated, it is important that the decisions made about you be based on your instructions, not the wishes others may have for you.

Article 13-Estate Planning Series: How Your Family Can Inadvertently be a Threat to Your Estate – Part 3

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Last column I explained how second marriages and blended families can be a risk to your estate.  But there are other unfortunate circumstances with which most of us must deal in one form or another.  Common examples are financial difficulties, divorce, addictions and serious health issues.  With planning, your estate can be protected from these complications of life. 

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