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Article 111-Estate Planning Series: It Can Happen In An Instant

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Many, including seniors, see long term care as an issue to be addressed in the future. Because it is usually associated with the frailties of age, it is also assumed they will be able to anticipate the need for long term care, and plan accordingly. 

Unfortunately, the need for long term care too often arises suddenly.  The lifestyle and independence to which seniors are accustomed can be forever changed without any advance notice or indication.

Article 83-Estate Planning Series: Is This Missing From Your Estate Plan?

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Many people think that “estate planning” means deciding what happens to your things when you die.  For that reason, many young families do not consider estate planning to be a priority.  However, it may be one of the most important things young parents can do!  A Will is the document in which parents can state who they want taking care of their young children if the parents should die.

Article 57-Estate Planning Series: Who Makes the Final Decision for You?

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Last column I explained that a Living Will is the document that tells health care providers if you want to be removed from life support.  This is an important document because, if your wishes are not clear, loved ones and health care providers will be left to make that terrible decision.  This can create serious disputes at a most difficult time.

Article 20-Estate Planning Series: When the Need for Long Term Care Arises in an Instant

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By definition, the need for long term care can last for years.  This is true even for residents of nursing homes, perhaps the most expensive level of care.  According to one study, the majority of nursing home patients will be there for at least a year.  In fact, almost 25% will remain patients for more than three years.

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