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We Answer Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask

Are you aware of the risks to your family’s estate? Did you know you may be the biggest risk of all to your own estate? You likely have considered some risks, and you may even know how you want to address those risks. But it is likely there are serious risks you haven’t considered. And of the risks you have considered, do you know your options?

Held twice monthly, our free estate planning presentations will identify the risks that we have seen common to families and their families, and allow you to decide if they are something you need to address. We offer "simple solutions" to protect your estate. We also discuss long term care and payment options available to seniors should the need arise. Seating is limited. Call 523-4433 to reserve your seat.

Attendee Testimonials

"We attended your estate planning seminar which was very informative so going forward we could be more informed to determine what we needed.  Everyone was professional and we are very pleased having finished our plan in a timely, easy manner. Thank you!"

"It was very helpful to take the class before the process of having the will/trust prepared.  The presentation was helpful in understanding the pros and cons of wills versus trusts.  The little red wagon was a nice visual.

The office was convenient, comfortable with very pleasant staff.  

Steve was very willing to answer questions."

"We had a great experience with Wright Law Office.  Mr. Wright and his staff were very professional.  We have already recommended Wright Law to several of our friends. Thank you."

"We especially appreciated your willingness to go along with and even participate in the levity that is part of our family.  Joviality is a necessary ingredient of family happiness and compatibility-at least for our family."

"Your office was very accommodating and kind.  Documents laid out well.  Treated well even though just doing will!  We appreciate the great customer service!!"

"Steve was very committed to getting everything the way I wanted it.  I really appreciated that.  He is a very pleasant person to work with.  So is Marianne.  I will certainly look forward to future meetings we have."

"Such a delight to work with Mary Ann Snarr and Steven Wright.  You guys made us so comfortable.  We appreciate your patience with us.  Roger would be very proud of Steven and your firm."

"We were impressed with level of competence of Mr. Steven Wright, attorney. He met our individual needs and addressed every question we asked in a considerate and professional manner.  Mr. Wright has the unique ability to present the material on a level that is easy to understand and makes you feel comfortable.  The total experience was pleasant and positive from the beginning to the end.  It was also a pleasure to work with Marianne.  She was helpful, knowledgeable and efficient."

"Extremely good at communicating to us at a level we could understand.  Very effective communication skills."

"We appreciate all your time and efforts that you spent researching information on our trust and the best way to set it up.  We are pleased that we chose you and would be happy to recommend your services to others."

"We didn't know what to expect.  We just knew that we had to do something towards planning our estate.  You made us feel very comfortable and confident in your ability to give us good guidance."

"Very efficient process - just two meetings/sessions and we were done."

"Treated us well - professionally - Steve was approachable & down to earth - made us feel comfortable. Quick to make corrections - understood what we wanted & how best to accomplish our goals. For years, we were scared of the cost of creating these documents - no need to be.  It was very reasonable - great value for the peace of mind."

"We appreciated the time you took to research what would work for our specific trust.  We now feel secure and confident our assets are protected.  Thanks for all you did!"

"The entire staff was professional, kind and very helpful.  Marianne was a cheerful and kind person who brightened my days.  Kristi was easy to talk to and kept me informed as well as listened to me and went the extra mile to get my probate papers.  Steve had a very nice way about him.  He spoke to me and addressed my needs and clearly explained my rights and how we were protecting my children in the documents.  I would recommend the entire staff and Steve to anyone needing probate, wills or advice.  It was a light in my time of loss and they guided me through with kindness, compassion and wisdom.  Thank you all for your words and deeds.  You were a blessing to me."

"Your firm seems to be consciously stepping up your customer service, which we recognize and appreciate.  We're especially impressed by your efforts to educate and inform your clientele and others."

"The seminar was very helpful in getting us started.  Thorough professionalism throughout the company.  Great value for the product and services."

"We got some basic information at the seminar and were able to make some decisions & come up with questions before we met at the office.  I felt confident about what I was getting and that it was the correct thing for me.  Everyone was professional, helpful and made sure things were clear to me. I never felt pressured or rushed.  Steve, Kristi and Marianne were all wonderful."

"I attended a free seminar prior to deciding on Steve Wright.  That made me realize he either did or would address questions and concerns I may have.  He never talked down and explained things really well.  All my concerns were addressed and he helped to look at the big picture of planning for future issues.  The whole evolution never felt pressured.  Thanks for the right assistance when it was needed."

"Felt very comfortable with Steve, Kristi and Marianne.  Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, and made me feel my needs were a concern."

"All our expectations were met in a timely manner, and all questions addressed to our satisfaction.  Each area of the process was clearly explained and a process which we thought could be onerous was a pleasant experience.  The office staff were most courteous, efficient and helpful. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others."

"We always talked about getting a will or estate trust but we didn’t know where to start. Steve Wright’s Estate Planning was very good and informative. That’s when we decided we needed to get something done."

"We valued receiving answers to questions that we didn't even know we should have!"

"Mr. Wright explained every item in layman’s terms. It was educational and pleasant. His helper Marianne went the extra mile several times to get our questions answered!"

"The entire process seemed much easier than I expected and having completed it has taken a huge load off my mind."

"Everyone in your office was friendly each time we came in.  I feel confident that you will be there for us whenever we need you and that is a comforting thought."

"It's been a pleasure to work with you.  Your knowledge and professionalism has been great.  We appreciate your help during some very difficult times.  We look forward to working with you again."

"We have greatly appreciated all of your time and knowledge.  We have felt that you've had our backs at all times.  We've been grateful for your concern and guidance along our rough road."

"I was impressed at the free workshop with your presentation, Steven.  I felt you provided excellent information in a very structured format.  I never felt like we were pressed to 'buy' if you will."

"It was an enjoyable experience working with Steve and his office staff.  Everyone was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  The changes we made were taken care of quickly and professionally.  We feel any questions we had were answered professionally also.  We are very pleased with our new up-dated Family Trust and other legal papers and feel good that our family will take care of our assets and wishes when the time comes for them to do so.  Thanks for all your help in our behalf, and we look forward to keeping in touch in the future."

"Felt comfortable and we were thankful for the knowledge and ideas given to us in an open manner on a level we could understand.  You helped us go through a hurdle that is hard for people to tackle and did it in a way that made us feel comfortable."

"We chose the services of Wright Law Office as a result of the articles Steve Wright authors for the Sunday edition of the Post Register.  For quite some time we have realized the importance and necessity of estate planning, eventually deciding to attend one of Steve's seminars.

We found the seminar provided the fundamental information and personal connection with an attorney that we were seeking.  Marianne contacted us a day or two following the seminar to establish an appointment.  She has been very cordial and professional in assisting us and providing preliminary documents for our review.

We are glad to have a Will and other important documents completed and appreciate the advice and counsel Steve provided.  We hope we will not have an event that causes us to need your assistance in the foreseeable future, but appreciate knowing we have an outline for our family to follow in case it is required.  Should we have further reason to make adjustments to the documents in place, we feel very comfortable in seeking additional consultation from your firm."


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